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Being confirmed a diabetic is a day you will probably remember for the rest of your life. Most people go through nearly every emotion, almost everyone is frightened. Fear of complications, fear of the unknown. There is no shortage of information regarding diabetic complications and the complications are very real. Diabetic complications are brought about by elevated blood glucose levels. If you maintain non diabetic blood numbers your chances of getting complications are the same as a non diabetic. By taking control of your diabetes and weight you will also be improving your general health.

90% of newly diagnosed diabetics are type 2 approximately 80% are over weight. Obesity is now an epidemic, with it has come a steep rise in type 2 diabetes. Obesity causes as many health problems as diabetes, so gaining control of weight and your diabetes, it will stand you in good stead for a long and active life.

A typical non insulin using type 2 diabetic has three weapons in the armoury, medication, diet and exercise. The most common first prescribed medication is Metformin. A point worth noting is that Metformin can reduce the HbA1c figure by 1.5 at best. If you take 1.5 from an HbA1c figure of 12  you get 10.5, a worthwhile reduction but an HbA1c of 10.5 would almost certainly lead to diabetic complications. The extra and very necessary reduction to an HbA1c of 6 or better can only be brought about by a  low carbohydrate diet and exercise. With a very good exercise routine put in place we believe a sub 5 HbA1c is highly realistic. Achieve non diabetic blood numbers and avoid diabetic complications.

It is very clear from the above, diet plays an enormous part in the effective control of diabetes. If you are a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, control of foods containing high carbohydrates is essential. For the type 1 carb. counting must be done for accurate application of injected insulin. For the type 2 with increased insulin resistance and a low output of natural insulin, carbohydrate control is essential for maintaining non diabetic blood glucose levels and the reduction of weight when required.

So to conclude this section, we know we can control our diabetes with medication, carbohydrate control and exercise.

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