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As you will see this is a very simple web site, for us simple works. Controlling diabetes can be a very simple thing to achieve but for many this is not the case. The reason, cretinopathy * When talking to fellow diabetics the word “confused” and the term “conflicting information” comes into the conversation on many occasions. We can understand this as so much information concerning diabetes is incorrect. The dietary information offered to many newly diagnosed diabetics is at best nonsense and at worst criminal. So often the eat normally or consume starchy carbohydrates with every meal is advised.

Let us make it simple for you, a high carb. diet for most type 2 diabetics will harm you, or lead to an escalation in medication and for over 25%, insulin within five years. For many type 1 diabetics the more carbs. the more injected insulin, the more insulin, the harder to achieve good control. High blood glucose levels and a correspondingly high HbA1c will lead to diabetic complications, not this year or the next, but sooner or later almost all will succumb to diabetic complications and an often early death. Would you treat an alcoholic with more booze or a drug addict with more heroin, obviously not, so why tell someone who has lost the ability to process high carbohydrate food to continue to eat more, the answer is cretinopathy.

Many type 2 diabetics stay medication and complication free all their long lives by modifying their diet and implementing a good exercise regime. Many type 1 diabetics find that by adopting the correct diet and exercise regime they can minimise medication and live a long and active life. Check out Dr. Richard Bernstein  for what can be achieved by the combination of diet, exercise and minimal medication. As you will see keeping it simple works.

Now at this stage you may be thinking, if this can be so simple why do so many diabetics get diabetes related complications and is this low carbohydrate diet, a new concept, amazingly no. The health benefits of a restricted carbohydrate diet have been around for a very long time. In 1863 William Banting published a small booklet called Letter on Corpulence Addressed to the Public. By restricting carbohydrate consumption Banting improved his health no end, the benefits for diabetics are enormous. If it works don’t try to fix it, the correct food, regular exercise and minimal/no meds. must be the way forward, keep it simple and control your diabetes. Live a long and active life !

* Cretinopathy a common diabetes related condition where people who should know better (Healthcare professionals and Diabetes charities) advise diabetics to consume high carbohydrate/sugar food.



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