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We diabetics have lost the ability to process high carbohydrate food. Because of this our blood glucose levels have risen and we now have to get our blood glucose/sugar levels to non diabetic to avoid complications. There are three ways we can achieve this, medication, diet and exercise. In our opinion the correct diet is by far the most powerful weapon in our fight against diabetic complications.

For type 2s on limited oral medication it is almost always the case a reduction in high carbohydrate food is required to achieve non diabetic blood glucose levels. Approximately 90% of newly diagnosed diabetics are type2s and of these 80% are over weight. Clearly a reduction in high carbohydrate foods benefits all diabetics but how low do you need to go?

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To find out the type and amount of high carbohydrate food you can consume and hold non diabetic blood glucose numbers you have to do two things. 1. You have to know how many carbs. you are consuming each meal and 2. You have to test your blood at the correct times. Please see the tool kit section describing how this is done.

 When we stopped using what we now call the big five i.e. potatoes, bread, pasta, rice and baked/pastry products.

  Our blood glucose numbers dropped to non diabetic  within  days.

If you are experiencing high and unstable blood glucose numbers and are using some or all of the big five, try dropping them all for a week, We guarantee your B.G. numbers will plummet. You will prove to yourself non diabetic numbers are achievable and in days, not weeks, months, or years. Sadly far too many diabetics never ever achieve safe blood glucose numbers, don't become a victim of dietary misinformation.


Fresh meat, fish, eggs, cheese and cream, at least ten vegetables*or salad items a day. Use good oils and nuts. We call this diet the clean food approach. The less man has been involved, the healthier the food is likely to be. Keep away from added sugar, salt, colourings and preservatives etc. as much as possible. Fizzy non diet and concentrated fruit drinks often lead to high B.G. numbers, keep fruit to a minimum as well, until you find your magic number. Make up a spread sheet or start a food diary. Check out the tool kit section for advice on working out your daily food intake.

* By consuming lots of different types you will get the widest range of nutrients and vitamins.


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